Terms of Service

These rules are created to protect our players from slowhacking, to protect our service from chargeback fraud and other types of cyber criminal activities, to make our service better for the benefit of our customers.

 By using our services you agree with following:

We add your server to our masterserver list (if you buy masterserver boost).
The server is listed in our masterserver 24/7.
Creating or changing files using motd_write command is forbidden (autoexec.cfg, joystick.cfg, language.cfg, userconfig.cfg, valve.rc or any other standart game file).
Redirect player to another server (even if your server is full) is forbidden.
Using message SVC_DIRECTOR for sending any string commands is forbidden.
Malicious binary files upload (DLL, ASI and other extensions including hiding them into .MDL etc) is forbidden.
Any .bat / .cmd / .exe / other executables download via MOTD screen are forbidden.
Advertising of any other game server client ("newer", "better" versions etc.) is forbidden.
Changing the player's nickname using client command "name" is forbidden (you may do it server-side using another AmxModX possibilities!)
Using plugins like GameDestroyer or similar is forbidden.
Fake servers that have constantly more bots then 25% of maxplayers value are forbidden.
You should use only debit / credit cards and payment system accounts (including but not limited to PayPal accounts) that belongs to you personally.
In case if we suspect you in usage means of payment that belongs to the third person we have a right to suspend your order until further confirmation.
The digital goods we offer deems delivered since the order information appears on your server's page in the "Latest orders" block. You can check the presence of your server in our masterserver list.
We may communicate with you by e-mail to notify you about the status of subscription, solve technical problems, require additional information and to tell you about our products and services.
We may send you periodic announcements including the details of our existing and new services. You may opt out of these announcements by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of these emails.
Any support requests should be made via contact with our technical support, the link "Contact us" at the top of the page. You can use either contact form or write us e-mail directly.
Any payments shall, once they are paid, not be refundable nor creditable for any reason whatsoever.
A full or partial refund can be made at the request of the client only at the discretion of the MasterServer.COM in limited number of cases (e.g. when the server was banned by our automatic system by a mistake after few hours/days of boost, we may prolongate your subscription or issue a refund for a remaining time proportionally).
We have zero tolerance to chargeback fraud and other cyber crime activities. In case of any attempted refund after the end of the subscription we reserve the right to notify other popular boosting services and file a police complaint about cyber crime.
In case of any claim / dispute placed by the client via the payment system we reserve the right to ban all client's servers, blacklist an IP and E-mail addresses and prevent this client from using our services in future to protect our service from fraud.

We have zero tolerance to any server that redirects players, changes the default keyboard bindings including but not limited to bind of spam or connect commands, changes the default Game Menu options (New Game, Find Servers etc.).
If your server will send any bad command to client, it will be permanently banned from our service. No refunds are issued! Better switch off all "bad" plugins long before ordering a subscription.
Review our banlist and make sure your server does not send anything like that.

Our players have enough protected game clients, so nothing will work, nevertheless, disobeying service rules leads to instant IP ban with removal of all servers you have added and without any refund!

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